Submit an object

You can submit your design to the Libre Objet’s team by email.
Advanced users can fork the project on GitHub, add an object and do a pull request. We encourage you to have your own git repository for your object. We will then add it as a git submodules in our website source. So development can still happen on your projectc%, others can easily build on it and we will always be able to get the latest updates from it.

To be published on the website, be sure it matches the following requirements:

Directory architecture

This is a suggested directory structure. We’re trying to be as flexible as possible. The only thing really mandatory are a folder named according to the project and that contains source files, pictures and a markdown file with a description and some meta-data.

Content of the .md file

The file describes the object in details with a markdown syntax. Copy paste the text below and fill in the gaps where it is necessary. Leave blank if it’s not relevant for your project.

object_name: # The unique object name
designer: # Full name(s) of the designer(s). Ex: [Designer one, Designer two]
builder: # Full name(s) of builder(s). Ex: [Builder one, Builder two]
category: # Category of the object. See other objects for inspiration
tags: # A list of tags. Ex: [tag1, tag2, tag3]
overall_size: # Overall size of the object ex: 830 x 400 x 410 mm
creation_date: # Creation date in the form of YYYY-MM-DD
contributors: # List of contributors
derived_from: # Name of the object(s) it was derived from (in case of remixes)
original_designer: # Name of the previous designer(s) (in case of remixes)
realisation_place: # Location where the object was created
required_hardware: # List of tools necessary for construction ex: [Drill, Screw Driver, Saw]
materials: # List of materials
license: # Name of the license
client: # Name(s) of the client
Write freely about the object. Be descriptive about your intentions and choices. You might want to answer questions like: Why was it created? For what purpose? How is it best used or done? In case of derivatives, what is different from the previous versions? etc.

Write here using the [Markdown]( syntax, make links and lists.

Leave a blank line to begin a new paragraph.