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  • Name: REEBOeK
  • Designer(s): Verly Laurent
  • Builder(s): Verly Laurent
  • Category: armchair
  • Tags: wood
  • Created: September 2013
  • Derived from: Bouctje
  • Location: RealizeBxl
  • Required hardware: Jigsaw, Drill, Screw Driver, Saw
  • License: Free Art License
  • Client: Workshop Libre Objet

sources ready for Conflict & Design - 7th Triennale at C-Mine Genk

  • Improvement: change functionality to be used as armchair
  • Advantage: comfortable little seat and also a rocking chair
  • Disadvantage: need to add cushions
  • Terms of use: chair

List of files in the .zip folder available for download.