• Name: BoBouctje
    • Designer(s): Miguel Van Steenbrugge
    • Builder(s): Miguel Van Steenbrugge
    • Category: Side Table & Bookstand
    • Tags: wood
    • Created: September 2013
    • Derived from: Bouctje
    • Location: RealizeBxl
    • Required hardware: Drill, Screw Driver, Saw
    • License: Free Art License
    • Client: Workshop Libre Objet

    Sources ready for Conflict & Design - 7th Triennale at C-Mine Genk

    • improvement: Addition of a side table to the bookstand but conceived as one single entity
    • advantage: Increase of functionality
    • disadvantage: Less portable
    • terms_of_use: Socializing

    List of files in the .zip folder available for download.