About Libre Objet

As a group of industrial and graphic designers, hackers and artists, recently gathered together under the name Libre Objet, we all share a common question about open source industrial design, processes and products resulting from our work, with the aim of providing tools for accessing a free philosophy applied to the manufacture of objects.

Our activities range from organizing workshops, giving lectures, writing books, and curating this website.




By email: hello@libreobjet.org
On Twitter: @Libreobjet
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About this website

This website was built using Jekyll, a static website generator. Which means that this website will also run from a usb key, a phone or a CD-ROM, without any software necessary other than a browser to view its content. You are encouraged to download a copy of it and deploy it wherever you see fit, as long as you don’t change the license attached to it. All sources are available on GitHub.

Any question, suggestions or ideas can be discussed on the GitHub’s issue page or by email.

The website and its content is licensed under Free Art License, except if stated otherwise.