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  • Name: Bouctje3
  • Designer(s): Bourg Stefanie, Colart Vicky, Massart Jeromine
  • Builder(s): Bourg Stefanie, Colart Vicky, Massart Jeromine
  • Category: Showcase bookcase
  • Tags: wood
  • Created: October 2013
  • Derived from: Bouctje
  • Location: Arts2 - Mons
  • Required hardware: jigsaw, hand saw, wood chisel, sander, sand paper
  • License: Free Art License
  • Client: Workshop Libre Objet

Designed to increase storage and then to organize your books.

  • improvement: stackability
  • advantage: minimal modification form the original design
  • disadvantage: limited to 3 bouctjes on top of each other
  • terms_of_use: bookshelf use only

List of files in the .zip folder available for download.

  • guide-en.pdf
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  • sources/3d/bouctje3.skp
  • sources/license.txt
  • sources/guide/bouctje3.svg